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About the Arcade Art Library

A Few Words.

Arcades were wonderful. I miss them. The REAL arcades, full of skill games that would destroy quarters over and over. If you are here, it is probably because you miss them too, and want to have a little tast available in your home. Whether you are a collector that is trying to restore a piece of arcade history, an arcade hobbyist that is using the classics to say something unique about your machine, or an enthusiast that just wants to have some great art to hang in your den, you have come to the right place.

Thanks to everyone that has spent their valuable time very accurately vector tracing these files. A thanks as well to the individuals that have taken time to scan & photograph their originals so that we can create vector art files to share with everyone else.

Some information about this site.

1. The art here is available for your personal non-commercial use.

2. This site primarily contains vector files (mostly in Adobe Illustrator format.) Vector files can be scaled up or down infinitely without loss of resolution & quality, making them ideally suited for use on a variety of arcade machine shapes & sizes. The raster files contained on this site are either too detailed to be recreated as a vector file, or are in need of cleanup & vector tracing.

3. The art hosted on this site was created and submitted by individuals. Though the content is moderated, there is no guarantee that the artwork provided is "perfect."

4. Membership is free, but not required to use this site. Anyone (including unregistered guests) may upload to ANY section of the site. Anyone (including unregistered guests) may download all vector-traced artwork. High-res Photoshop & Jpeg files require registration for downloading to reduce bandwidth consumumption.

5. If you would like to create or modify your own vector files, this site contains an excellent Adobe Illustrator tutorial by "Frostillicus." Included with it are sample tutorial files.

Some information "about us"

This site was originally started by Chris Newton (mahuti) of Barrett-Newton Interactive. He has now had to move on to bigger and better things. Now I, Sirwoogie, now have control over this site. It is still the place to share arcade art. I currently help Saint run the Build Your Own Arcade Controls (BYOAC) website, forum and wiki. I thought my continued contribution to the arcade community could best be served by my IT experience. The arcade community as a whole is pretty dedicated, and continue to amaze me by the quality and dedication. Help keep this place going!

Advertising on this site

I make no money off of this site. Technically, I probably LOSE money, but you make sacrifices for what you love. Donations directly to my hosting bill are accepted, but I avoid taking any other money or solicitations for advertising. If you would like to contact me to get involved, or to "advertise" please don't hesitate to email me at

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